Decorative Pie Crust Designs

Beautifully Baked

While on the subject of pies, I remembered how much fun I’ve had with decorating mine whether or not I chose to add a top crust. Just because you don’t add one doesn’t mean your pie has to look dull. There are many ways to make the sides look pretty. Regardless of your skill level, you have options upon options upon options. You don’t need fancy tools, but, by all means, use them if you have them. Enjoy the following pie-deas.

Simply Stylish

Here are a few easy ideas to jazz up your pies. These are pretty simple and do not require as much expertise even though the results look pretty professional.

Martha, Martha, Martha Stewart

Everybody knows of the legendary Martha Stewart and her vast knowledge of all things kitchen and beyond. Regardless of your personal opinion of this lady, she knows her way around a pie crust. Her website features a quick video of Jennifer Aaronson demonstrating eight different pie edging techniques. For the most part, the only tools you need are your hands, a knife, a fork, and/or a spoon.

Martha Stewart’s Pie Diagram (Pie-agram?).

From the Counter of Dede Wilson

Again, simple ideas that don’t require fancy tools. On bakepedia, The Baker’s Resource, Dede shows how to get radiant results using what you have lying around your house, not just your kitchen. My favorite idea is her use of a strand of pearls to crimp your crust. How classy is that?

Dede Wilson casually casts a strand of pearls across her pie crust.

Todd Porter & Diane Cu’s Leaf Pie Designs

No, they aren’t pies with leaves in them. It’s much better. This delightful duo’s blog, White On Rice Couple, features beautiful images and recipes for their Harvest Pies and some of their decorative design ideas that are perfect for fall. They even include images and a video tutorial if you need some extra help!

Todd Porter touches up a tasty top crust.

Beauty by BuzzFeed

As if I weren’t addicted to this site already, Rachel Sanders,BuzzFeed staff member, has given us 23 Ways to Make Your Pies More Beautiful. She pulled ideas from an oldie but goodie, The American Home, and from other bakers, blogs, and magazines. Here are some simple samples.

“How to Cut Pie Crust Designs” from Food Network Magazine — Photo Credit: Johnny Miller
Abby Larson‘s post, “8 Pie Crusts to Wow Your Guests,” on Style Me Pretty.
From Annalise‘s blog page, Completely Delicious, on Go Bold With Butter: “How to Make a Decorative Pie Crust.” A simple, yet elegant ruffle.

For the Experienced or Ambitious Crust-Creator

From Sue Moran’s Collections

Sue Moran’s blog, The View From Great Island, features a variety of recipes and ideas including these complex pie crust designs. She has built quite a collection of designs and they are so beautiful! She gives credit to the fantastic bakers, so be sure to check out the crust creators’ pages on as well. Here are five of my favorites that Sue found. I can’t wait to try these out!

@foodpornographer‘s Strawberry Rhubarb Flower Pie.
The Kitchen McCabe‘s Triple Berry Pie with fantastic foliage.
Jesse Szewczyk‘s Pink Lady Apple Pie featuring a lovely braided lattice.

@thedaleyplate‘s Cherry Pie graced with graceful butterflies.
@Fraichenutrition‘s Strawberry Hearts Slab Pie wholly holed with hearts.

Well, I’m officially impressed with these bakers, culinary artists, and kitchen enthusiasts. I hope you are too. Let me know if you end up trying out any of these designs and if it worked out well for you!


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